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NEAR Foundation Launches Ecosystem Gateway for Ethereum's Layer 2 Mantle on its Blockchain OS

NEAR's latest gateway for Mantle on B.O.S enhances Web3 development. This collaborative effort promises easier access and innovation for Ethereum layer 2 solutions.

NEAR Foundation Debuts Ecosystem Dashboard for Ethereum's Mantle on B.O.S

In a move to democratize Web3, the NEAR Foundation unveils an ecosystem dashboard for Ethereum's layer 2 Mantle on the Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S). Designed to empower both users and developers, this gateway promises enhanced accessibility, streamlined interactions, and the tools to build innovative Mantle B.O.S components.

Mantle, since its mainnet launch in 2023, has become a cornerstone for developers aiming to forge efficient, secure, and affordable Web3 dApps, especially in the buzzing DeFi sector.

The birth of this intuitive dashboard is a testament to the synergies between NEAR and Mantle. Hosted by the acclaimed Mantle dApp FusionX, this portal stands as a beacon for entering the Mantle realm. It seamlessly amalgamates vital Mantle dApps, making discovery and interaction a breeze. Moreover, the integration with B.O.S champions developers to craft multi-chain solutions, letting them shine in product creation without the weight of infrastructure hassles.

Through the B.O.S gateway, Web3 pioneers can sidestep the hurdles of user acquisition, leveraging the platform's visibility to widen their user base. Moreover, it promises a fertile ground for developers to craft, adapt, and share B.O.S components, amplifying their stature in the ecosystem.

Mantle’s Arjun Kalsy celebrates this joint venture, seeing it as a conduit for fostering mutual growth in their Web3 communities. The B.O.S initiative by NEAR serves as a panacea for developers across EVM and NEAR ecosystems, simplifying Web3 development while expanding user accessibility.

Illia Polosukhin, the mind behind NEAR Protocol, cherishes the Mantle gateway, heralding it as a testament to the prowess of B.O.S gateways for other L2s and EVM initiatives.

This NEAR-Mantle collaboration follows the heels of a similar alliance with Polygon's zkEVM, emphasizing the rising prominence of ecosystem gateways on B.O.S. While rooted in NEAR, the B.O.S's advantages span the broad Web3 landscape, fostering a crucible of breakthroughs in decentralized applications and blockchain arenas.