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MoonPay Unveils Venture Division Focused on Investing in Web3 Infrastructure, Gaming, and Fintech

MoonPay launches MoonPay Ventures, its investment arm targeting early-stage startups in web3, gaming, and fintech. The aim is not just to invest but to accelerate adoption.

MoonPay Ventures: A Catalyst for Web3, Gaming, Fintech Startups

MoonPay, a prominent web3 infrastructure firm, is extending its reach into the burgeoning startup world. Introducing MoonPay Ventures, an investment arm designed to focus on early-stage companies in the realms of web3, gaming, and adjacent fintech categories.

The stakes are considerable: investments will mainly range from $100,000 to $1 million, targeting seed and Series A rounds. MoonPay Ventures has already marked its territory by investing in over 25 companies, including noteworthy names like BCB Group, Ledger, and Mythical Games.

While MoonPay itself is a financial behemoth with a valuation of $3.4 billion and more than 5 million customers, its investment arm is about more than just writing checks. According to Abhay Mavalankar, VP of corporate development and investments, the focus is not solely on ideas but on teams that can turn these ideas into realities.

“It's not just capital for capital's sake,” Mavalankar emphasized. "We felt we could add some tangible value to the ecosystem."

MoonPay Ventures aims to act as an accelerant for the startups in its portfolio. This means assistance in operations such as scaling, distribution, and even compressing sales cycles. Moreover, about 80 to 90% of MoonPay Ventures' investments will have an underlying commercial relationship, lending startups a much-needed business edge.

The venture arm plans to invest off its balance sheet with a "definite angle" toward commercial Return on Investment (ROI). This approach reveals a blend of financial foresight and a commitment to cultivating a thriving ecosystem around web3, fintech, and gaming.

MoonPay’s extensive network, including 500 industry partners ranging from crypto wallets to layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains, offers startups an unparalleled advantage. The firm sees this as a “logical extension” of its core mission, using its industry maturity to boost emerging companies.

MoonPay Ventures appears poised to become a significant player in the startup investment landscape. With its unique approach focused on both financial and operational support, startups should be clamoring for a slice of MoonPay's influential pie.

So, if you're an early-stage startup in web3, gaming, or fintech, MoonPay Ventures is not just an investor; it's a partner that brings a whole lot more to the table.