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Mocaverse & CyberConnect: Shaping Web3 Social Experiences

Pioneering the future of blockchain, Mocaverse, in alliance with CyberConnect, is set to propel their Web3 Membership Program. This partnership looks to revolutionize social networking in the Web3 era, offering true digital ownership and creative freedom.

Mocaverse & CyberConnect: Shaping Web3 Social Experiences

Embarking on a pioneering journey to reshape the blockchain universe, Mocaverse, the premier NFT collection of membership offerings from Animoca Brands, is set to unite forces with CyberConnect, an innovative decentralized social network. This ambitious partnership is committed to leveraging CyberConnect’s cutting-edge cross-chain architecture and social network protocol to accelerate the progress of the Mocaverse Web3 Membership Program.

CyberConnect, a trendsetter in the Web3 decentralized social network realm, empowers developers to create social applications that hand users the reins of their digital identity, content, connections, and monetization avenues. This breakthrough is characterized by two revolutionary features: CyberProfile, a decentralized identity benchmark paving the way to Web3, and the CyberConnect Social Graph, a web weaving together digital identity, data, content, and friendships.

As a core element of the Animoca Brands network, Mocaverse represents a PFP NFT collection committed to nurturing learning opportunities, promoting interconnections among individuals and projects, supporting builders, and advocating for a vibrant Web3 culture. This assemblage encompasses 8,888 NFT characters, referred to as Mocas, each symbolic of one of five tribes: Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists.

The anticipated alliance between Mocaverse and CyberConnect is focused on empowering Mocaverse NFT holders, enabling them to build their Web3 social reputation, forge valuable connections, and co-create value via various facets of Mocaverse such as Moca XP, Realm Tickets, and NFTs.

Animoca Brands' Chief Business Officer, Alan Lau, has a grand vision for this partnership, asserting that CyberConnect’s multifaceted cross-chain infrastructure will catalyze Mocaverse's growth and pave the way for a host of social experiences for its community. He underscored their shared mission of facilitating true digital asset ownership and the platform's potential to deliver substantial value to Mocaverse and Realm Ticket holders and the broader Web3 industry.

Welcoming the partnership, CyberConnect's CEO, Wilson Wei, heralded it as a monumental leap towards reinventing social networking and community building in the Web3 epoch. He accentuated their dedication to empowering users by prioritizing their ownership, privacy, and creative independence, as part of their shared ambition to unleash the limitless potential of the internet in a decentralized, social digital world.

To jumpstart this partnership, Mocaverse will implement CyberConnect's protocol to tokenize Mocaverse content and NFT holders onto the Link3 platform. This Web3-native social network, constructed with CyberConnect's protocol, will enable Mocaverse NFT holders to own the content they create while their interactions with each other will generate Moca XP, the points and rewards system of Mocaverse.