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MetaWorld and EQBR Join Forces: A Leap Towards Web3 Adoption in Singapore

MetaWorld (1MW) and EQBR form a pivotal joint venture to propel Web3 technology adoption in Singapore, signaling a transformative shift in the region's digital landscape.

Signing ceremony of MetaWorld and EQBR, marking a significant step towards Web3 adoption.

Singapore, known for its technological prowess and innovative spirit, is about to witness yet another transformative shift. MetaWorld, an eminent member of ONERHT, and EQBR, a dominant force in Korean Web3 technology, are shaking hands in a strategic joint venture aiming to fast-track the adoption of Web3 in the region.

The symbolic signing ceremony was adorned by industry stalwarts – Mr. Lee Jung Geun of EQBR Group and Mr. Tan Chong Huat of RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings. Representing the joint venture during this pivotal event were Mr. Cheong Seongkoo from EQBR Networks and Mr. Lee Seck Hwee from 1Metaworld.

This partnership is not just an alliance of two companies, but it epitomizes ONERHT's enduring dedication to digital evolution. Their previous endeavors, the SDAX and ACX platforms, vouch for their commitment, aligning seamlessly with Singapore’s Project Guardian's objectives.

The JV’s roadmap is clear and potent:

  1. Tokenizing Tangible Assets: Turning real-world assets like maritime properties, real estate, and art into tokens. This transformation aims to globalize market access, facilitate fractional ownership, and enhance liquidity.
  2. Venturing into Securitized Token Offerings: A dive into the world of token-based fundraising promises a wider investor outreach, minimal intermediaries, and instantaneous settlements.
  3. Redefining Payments with Web3: The collaboration aims to redefine how payments work – with multi-currency cross-border solutions and the potential to work with Central Bank Digital Currency for token transactions.
  4. Unwavering Collaboration: With AlDigi Technologies and EQBR’s tech team on board, 1MW is set to sculpt advanced solutions, leveraging EQBR's Equilibrium technology and its groundbreaking EQ Hub.

The CEO of 1MW, Mr. Chen Jiejing, accentuated the partnership's crucial role in easing the intricate transition from Web2 to Web3. He showcased the venture's preparedness by highlighting its active application in regulated Securitised Token Offerings.

For EQBR, their Whisper MSG, boasting over 1.5 million user downloads, stands as a testimony to their unparalleled expertise in enterprise blockchain technology.

But 1MW's ambitions don't stop here. Backed by ONERHT's extensive professional services platform, it aspires to carve new dimensions in Web3, spanning digital finance, digital lifestyles, and Web3 commerce.

EQBR Networks' CEO, Mr. Cheong Seongkoo, showed immense trust in Singapore as the forerunner of the global Web3 wave. With their wealth of experience in the region and Singapore's recent regulatory updates on stablecoin, they are in a formidable position.

In conclusion, as 1MW dreams of a decentralized regional P2P economy harmonized with regulatory paradigms, Singapore presents itself as the perfect crucible. With its accelerating momentum in Web3 innovation, this joint venture stands as a beacon for what the future might hold for the region.