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Louis Vuitton Embarks on Web3 Journey, Unveils Iconic Trunk as a Digital Collectible

Louis Vuitton launches its iconic trunk as a digital collectible, marking a significant step in its Web3 journey and the evolution of the "phygital" world.

In a significant nod to the rapid expansion of the "phygital" world, Louis Vuitton, the French luxury house, has announced the launch of the VIA Treasure Trunk, a digital version of its iconic travel trunk. The release signifies the brand's intensified Web3 efforts as the fashion industry continues to marry the physical and digital realms.

Louis Vuitton is a pioneer in the adoption of technology and innovation in the luxury industry, having previously participated in the Aura blockchain project and launched the LV Diamonds collection, and is now venturing into the nonfungible token (NFT) space. The brand recently celebrated its founder's 200th anniversary with 'Louis The Game', a video game where players hunt for hidden NFTs.

The renowned Louis Vuitton Trunk, which was first introduced in the mid-19th century and handcrafted by artisans in Paris, has been reimagined as a digital collectible. This new design, known as the VIA Treasure Trunk, is a soulbound token (SBT) offering owners access to never-before-seen Louis Vuitton creations.

Owners of the Treasure Trunk will gain access to VIA, Louis Vuitton’s portal to digital collectibles, where they can acquire unique keys to unlock unseen Louis Vuitton designs. In a major advancement towards phygital experiences, each new collectible will provide the owner with exclusive access to its physical counterparts.

Each VIA Treasure Trunk costs €39,000, with only a few hundred available for purchase. Potential buyers must register on a waiting list with a crypto wallet, and selected individuals will be invited to a private preview and given a chance to purchase their trunk. Importantly, Louis Vuitton has begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for digital collectibles.

Louis Vuitton's foray into the world of digital collectibles demonstrates the pervasive influence of Web3, offering exciting interactions even for the luxury sector.