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Line Next Partners with Sega to Build New Web3 Game for Game Dosi

Line Next, in partnership with Sega, is set to build a new Web3 game for the Game Dosi franchise. This development follows Sega's change in approach to blockchain gaming.

Line Next and Sega to develop a new Web3 game for Game Dosi.

In an exciting development for the gaming industry, Line Next, a Seongham, South Korea-based web3 startup, has announced its partnership with Sega to build a new Web3 game for Game Dosi. The announcement comes shortly after Sega disclosed plans to change its approach to Web3 gaming, allowing third parties to use its less popular titles and characters for NFT gaming.

Line Next will utilize its NFT technology to bring one of Sega’s popular games to the blockchain. According to the memorandum of understanding signed between both parties, Line Next has received the license to utilize one of Sega’s highly popular game IPs and transform it into a Web3 game.

The new game will be featured on the Game Dosi blockchain gaming platform, and Line Next will support NFT production, digital payments, and marketing activities as part of a promo campaign to promote web3 gaming.

Game Dosi, launched in May 2023, aims to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and web3. The platform has already introduced six game titles, including its in-house game "Project GD". This collaboration aims to prioritize the quality of games while making web3 gaming accessible to a larger audience.