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Last Remains: An Innovative Blend of Battle Royale and Zombies in Web3 Gaming

Last Remains introduces an innovative spin to Web3 gaming with its zombie-themed multiplayer battle royale. Backed by notable investors, the game seeks to establish its brand in the competitive gaming landscape.

Blockchain gaming, an exciting frontier in the crypto realm, has been gaining significant traction in recent years, representing half of all blockchain activities by early 2023. As this trend continues to flourish, newcomers to the scene are looking beyond the initial token-collecting craze, aiming to enhance actual gameplay elements.

In line with the evolving demands of players, the latest additions to the gaming industry are drawing on popular genres such as stealth and battle royale. Adding a unique twist to this, Last Remains is set to bring a zombie apocalypse to the world of Web3 gaming.

Last Remains, a high-end Web3 multiplayer battle royale zombie game that has previously secured $4.75 million in funding from renowned entities in the crypto space including CoinFund, Fabric, and Animoca Brands, is ready to take the stage.

Developed by an experienced team from Riot Games, Bethesda, Junglee Games, and Blizzard Entertainment, Last Remains seeks to elevate the much-adored battle royale formula by harnessing the capabilities of Web3 technologies. Players are dropped at random locations in a zombie-riddled city and have to gather resources while battling the undead. The game offers an exciting mix of Assassin’s Creed's stealth action and PUBG's signature battle royale features.

As part of its launch strategy, Last Remains has announced the minting of the first 5,000 Genesis Character nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Following this sale, the game will undergo monthly alpha tests throughout Q2, leading up to the beta stage in the next quarter.

Last Remains was selected for its focus on gameplay, high production quality, substantial backing, and the notable achievements of its developers. As part of its strategic initiatives, Last Remains aims to fortify its brand presence in the fiercely competitive gaming arena by forging partnerships with content creators and game developers.