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LaborX Boosts Web3 Freelance Market with Integration of SHIB and BONE Tokens

LaborX catapults freelancers into the Web3 sphere by integrating SHIB and BONE tokens, blending the gig economy with cryptocurrency dynamism.

LaborX’s Strategic Embrace of SHIB & BONE: A New Dawn for Web3 Freelancers

In a bold endorsement of Web3, LaborX has embraced the cryptocurrency tokens, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bone ShibaSwap (BONE). This pivotal step melds the freelance and crypto universes, heralding a new age for digital gig workers.

Tagged as the "meme coin superstar" in the freelancing domain, LaborX's announcement has caused ripples across both crypto and freelance sectors. With Web3's ever-expanding horizon, this token integration primes freelancers for decentralized exploration.

Initiated last February with SHIB, LaborX’s dive into meme coins was met with user acclaim, paving the way for subsequent integrations. With SHIB now entrenched in LaborX’s transactional fold, freelancers can tap into Web3’s riches, drawing SHIB rewards for their offerings, a testament to LaborX’s trailblazing approach.

Hot on the heels of SHIB’s inclusion, LaborX integrated Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), further bolstering its Web3 cred. With this, users can earn BONE tokens while navigating Web3 freelance gigs.

Beyond its meme coin endeavors, LaborX’s underlying blockchain, Shibarium, has soared. Tallying over 3 million transactions in just six weeks post-launch, it emphasizes Shibarium's scalability prowess.

Yet, Shibarium's voyage hasn't been turbulence-free. Daily transaction numbers have oscillated, and gas fees witnessed unexpected spikes, underscoring the need for continual refinements.

A key Shibarium feature is its strategy to curtail SHIB’s circulation. Gas fees, remitted in BONE, are earmarked for future SHIB burns. The recent metrics reveal 0.5 BONE amassed for this objective.

The SHIB community has intensified its burn strategy, with almost 200 million SHIB coins recently burned, an upswing of a whopping 535%. Weekly figures are awaited, but the precedent week saw an obliteration of over half a billion SHIB coins.

LaborX’s integration of SHIB and BONE isn’t merely a strategic move but a testament to its vision of a decentralized Web3 freelance world. The feats achieved by Shibarium, complemented by aggressive SHIB burns, encapsulate the vigor of the Web3 realm. With LaborX at the helm, freelancers are poised to unlock unparalleled opportunities in the Web3 sphere.