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JennyCo and AYUMETRIX Collaborate to Revolutionize Lab Testing and Personalized Healthcare

Healthcare data exchange JennyCo partners with laboratory service provider AYUMETRIX to empower users to manage their well-being through confidential, blockchain-based health data systems.

JennyCo, Inc., a unique healthcare data exchange empowered by Web3, has revealed its partnership with AYUMETRIX, a premier provider of laboratory testing services. This collaboration offers JennyCo users an unparalleled opportunity to manage their well-being, leveraging data and insights generated, analyzed, and interpreted within JennyCo's confidential, secure blockchain-based system.

Established by medical professionals and scientists, JennyCo aims to revolutionize healthcare by enabling consumers to regain control of their health and data. As a multi-billion-dollar industry thrives on buying and selling users' health information, JennyCo is set to address this inequality in the healthcare data marketplace. It promotes individual ownership and privacy of healthcare information, offering direct AI-generated personalized results, rewards, within a GDPR- and HIPAA-Compliant Web 3.0 Blockchain platform.

"Healthcare data is ubiquitous and represents about one-third of ALL data created daily," states Dr. Michael Nova, JennyCo's CEO and Founder. "Integrating lab services like AYUMETRIX, which provides direct home consumer testing for biomarkers like food allergies, testosterone levels and many others, is a crucial part of the overall data puzzle by providing rapid reports that can lead to better consumer behavior modification and outcomes."

Founded to empower individuals to manage their health and wellness, AYUMETRIX offers innovative and convenient self-sample collections, allowing for anytime, anywhere collections in privacy. As a global company, AYUMETRIX provides integrative laboratory testing services, intuitive results, and actionable insights. It offers a variety of tests and test panels, providing accurate and informative data that individuals can use to take action or increase their self-knowledge.

"The world we live in today is digital; the way we collect and use health information is completely transforming the delivery of healthcare," says Dr. Sanjay Kapur, CEO and Founder of AYUMETRIX. "The merger of new at-home lab testing technologies and digital platforms is shaping the future of quality care while ensuring the privacy and security of personal and health information."

This collaboration between JennyCo and AYUMETRIX promises a unique opportunity for users to manage their health and well-being through confidential, secure blockchain-based health data systems.