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Jasmy Lab and Kana Labs Partner to Supercharge JasmyCoin and Fuel Global Expansion

Jasmy Lab announces a strategic partnership with Kana Labs to bolster JasmyCoin utility and accelerate global market entry. This partnership promises to revolutionize IoT and blockchain ecosystems.

Jasmy Lab Partners with Kana Labs for Global Market Expansion

Jasmy Lab, a leader in IoT platforms and data sovereignty, has announced a pivotal partnership with Kana Labs, an industry leader specializing in Web3 and blockchain infrastructure. The collaboration aims to magnify the utility of JasmyCoin and facilitate the expansion of both companies into new global markets.

Known for its strong liquidity and cross-chain bridging toolkit (SDK), Kana Labs specializes in simplifying the complexities of DeFi and GameFi ecosystems. Their technology allows decentralized applications to support multiple blockchain networks, including both EVM and non-EVM chains.

Jasmy Lab is committed to restoring data sovereignty to individual consumers through a secure and reliable IoT platform. Built on the blockchain, the platform finds applications across multiple industries.

As part of the partnership, Kana Labs will offer its specialized Account Abstraction SDK—Mirai, and its Web3 Middleware SDK to Jasmy Lab. These tools aim to streamline cross-chain operability for JasmyCoin (JASMY) and facilitate connectivity between Jasmy Lab’s private and public blockchains.

In return, Jasmy Lab will integrate Kana Labs' SDK and mini-games into its blockchain systems, providing Kana Labs a stepping stone into the Japanese market.

Kana Labs is set to spearhead cooperative marketing campaigns to increase Jasmy Lab's presence in various markets, including Korea, India, and the West. Meanwhile, Jasmy Lab aims to boost Kana Labs' footprint in the Japanese market.

The core of the partnership will involve Jasmy Lab serving as an infrastructure collaborator on Kana Labs' platform. Both companies plan to engage in transparent dialogues to define the terms of their collaboration, covering issues like compensation, rights, and responsibilities.

The partnership between Jasmy Lab and Kana Labs marks a significant stride in melding IoT and blockchain technologies. With statements from both CEOs expressing excitement and promise, this collaboration sets the stage for a secure, data-centric future.