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Injective Labs Collaborates with Space ID to Launch .inj Web3 Domain; Pre-Registration Event Announced.

In a groundbreaking move, Injective Labs and Space ID collaborate to launch the .inj Web3 domain. This monumental step sets the stage for a more streamlined Web3 domain name experience.

Injective Labs and Space ID Revolutionize Web3 Domains with .inj Launch

Injective Labs and Space ID are setting a new precedent in the Web3 domain realm. The duo is on the brink of introducing the pioneering .inj domain name, accompanied by an eagerly awaited pre-registration event, offering a fresh dimension to the Web3 domain name world.

In a joint venture with Space ID, Injective Labs is readying to unleash the industry’s inaugural native .inj domain names. Over recent weeks, collaborative partners within Injective's fold rolled out engaging quests, granting participants a golden ticket to early bird .inj domain registrations.

This transformative endeavor leverages the state-of-the-art SPACE ID 3.0 framework to introduce a decentralized domain name service (DNS) on the Injective platform. The endgame? A default decentralized domain naming protocol seamlessly woven into the flourishing Injective realm.

Before long, the public will have access to native INJ domain names, applicable across diverse platforms - from dApps to wallets and websites. Owning an INJ domain unlocks multiple advantages - users can craft their bespoke Web3 brand persona, replace intricate wallet addresses with snappy domains, and enable smooth crypto, NFT, and digital asset interactions via personalized .inj domains.

Space ID is spearheading a holistic web3 domain ecosystem that caters to all – from domain discovery to trading and management. The platform also boasts of a Web3 Name SDK & API, extending support to developers across blockchains. In parallel, Injective emerges as a high-speed, interoperable layer-one blockchain, primed for premium Web3 financial applications, granting developers a rich toolkit for groundbreaking decentralized apps.

To finalize the list of early bird registrants, Injective Labs recently concluded the “INJ ID Quests”. This initiative gifted the active Injective community members a unique opportunity to secure their .inj domain names, based on their Quest Badges or giveaway wins.

Participants have a cap of five .inj domain registrations during the initial stage. However, each address has a bidding limit of five domains, irrespective of the badges or wins linked to the address.

This two-phased pre-registration consists of an auction stage, followed by a first-come-first-serve stage. The auction, lasting five days, is exclusively for whitelisted participants. Pricing structures, bid increment rules, refund provisions, and discounts have been laid out to ensure fairness and to incentivize early adopters.

Certain format rules have been established for the .inj domain names, and some names will be earmarked for Injective's partners and dApps.

The .inj domain introduction, spearheaded by Injective Labs in association with Space ID, symbolizes a new chapter in the Web3 domain narrative. With this multi-layered pre-registration event, the intention is clear: to expedite the .inj domain adoption, thereby elevating the Web3 experience for its burgeoning user base.