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Hashgraph Association and Dar Blockchain Team Up to Drive Web3 Expansion in the MENA Zone

The Hashgraph Association partners with Dar Blockchain to foster Web3 talent and innovation in the MENA region, aiming to solidify its position as a leading hub for Distributed Ledger Technology.

Hashgraph Association and Dar Blockchain Forge Alliance to Boost MENA’s Web3 Landscape

In a bid to reshape the technological panorama of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), The Hashgraph Association and Dar Blockchain announce a groundbreaking partnership. Their focus? Building and educating a new wave of Web3 talent, laying foundations for Distributed Ledger Technology's (DLT) broader global embrace.

This collaborative initiative seeks to highlight the decentralized economic potential of the Hedera network, a beacon of innovation and sustainability. To this end, a series of hackathons are slated to commence from October 2023, forming the cornerstone of a holistic strategy. The duo's endeavor won't stop at hackathons. They are eyeing a scouting phase for an upcoming North African incubation program. This program aims to catapult the promising projects birthed from the hackathons, offering mentorship and critical support. Tailored training sessions further promise to fortify the regional Web3 ecosystem.

Mohamed Mnif and Jaafar Saied, the brains behind Dar Blockchain, spotlight education as the bedrock of innovation. Their blueprint encapsulates fostering local talents and bridging the MENA Web3 landscape with the global blockchain circuit. A slew of university chapters and intensive Hedera Network-focused training sessions exemplify their dedication. In allying with The Hashgraph Association, Dar Blockchain is charting a course to unlock DLT’s latent potential for the MENA youth.

Recent developments underscore MENA's burgeoning Web3 prowess. Reports from October 2022 earmarked the region as having the fastest evolving cryptocurrency markets. And, with Dubai’s AI and Web 3.0 Campus slashing license fees for Web3 and AI entities, the region's welcoming stance on these technologies is evident.

Kamal Youssefi of The Hashgraph Association accentuates the transformative power of this alliance. A partnership with Dar Blockchain, set against the backdrop of MENA’s burgeoning crypto-landscape, underscores a fervor to bolster Web3’s growth trajectory in the region.

Together, Dar Blockchain and The Hashgraph Association are poised to usher in a new era for the MENA region’s Web3 enthusiasts. With a slew of planned events and initiatives, the partnership is a beacon for those stepping into the Web3 realm. As this collaboration unfurls, the MENA region is set to emerge as a blockchain juggernaut.