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HAKUHODO KEY3 Unveils 2023 Web3 Global Hackathon, Collaborating with Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate

Hakuhodo's Web3 Global Hackathon 2023, in collaboration with Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate, aims to craft innovative decentralized services. Join the decentralized revolution on September 30th.

Web3 Global Hackathon 2023: Hakuhodo’s Visionary Step Towards a Decentralized Future

Tokyo-based giant, Hakuhodo Inc., in collaboration with automotive maestro Mazda Motor Corporation and real estate titan Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., proudly presents the Web3 Global Hackathon 2023. Kicking off on September 30, this event is the epitome of Hakuhodo’s ongoing commitment to the transformative world of Web3.

Hakuhodo's foray into the Web3 space began with the establishment of HAKUHODO KEY3 INC. in December 2022. Partnered with Sota Watanabe of the Astar Network, this company champions Web3 services and curates world-class hackathons.

Web3, hailed as the internet's evolutionary leap, is anchored in decentralized tech such as blockchain. The underlying ethos behind HAKUHODO KEY3’s hackathons is a pursuit to interweave Web3 into the tapestry of everyday life, making it resonant with sei-katsu-sha (lifestyle-centric individuals).

Offering a global stage for engineers and creators, the Web3 Global Hackathon 2023 unveils unique development themes under the banners of Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate. These challenge participants to ideate solutions that mesh with each company's distinct essence. Winners don't just earn accolades – they gain investments, joint developmental platforms, and the tools to bring their innovations to the masses.

Mazda throws down the gauntlet with "Drive to Earn, Use for Fun" – a challenge to amplify driving pleasure via Web3. Mitsubishi Estate, on the other hand, paints a vision of "DAO Building in Tokyo," channeling Web3's prowess to breathe life into the TOKYO TORCH district.

What elevates this hackathon? Its global digital footprint. Participants across continents can immerse themselves in events via online streams, breaking down geographical barriers.

HAKUHODO KEY3’s vision is unambiguous: to catapult Japan into a leading position in the global Web3 arena. To achieve this, they’re tapping into the rich reservoir of sei-katsu-sha insights and creativity, coupled with corporate collaboration.

From September 30 to December 9, 2023, the hackathon will electrify venues like MY Shokudo Hall & Kitchen and TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower. Not to forget, the digital sphere! At stake? A whopping prize pool exceeding 11 million yen in Astar. Engineers, freelancers, designers, and marketers – all are invited to the grand spectacle.

The event timeline spans an entry period, kickoff, developmental phase, and culminates in the pitch event on December 9, with lucrative prizes like the Mazda Grand Prize, Mitsubishi Estate Grand Prize, and the coveted Moon Prize awaiting the victors.

Supporting this global endeavor are heavyweights like Mazda, Mitsubishi Estate, and tech partners such as Astar Foundation, Biconomy, and UNCHAIN, among others.

In essence, HAKUHODO KEY3, birthed in December 2022, is on a mission. They’re crafting a societal blueprint where Web3 technology is no longer niche but mainstream. The Web3 Global Hackathon 2023 is a testament to this vision – a beacon guiding us towards a decentralized, tech-augmented future.