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Google Cloud Executive Says AI Can Dramatically Reduce 'Time to Market' for Web3 Startups

James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Engineering Director of Web3, speaks on how AI can accelerate tasks such as smart contract writing and auditing, thereby speeding up 'time to market' for Web3 startups.

In a world increasingly focused on the confluence of AI and Web3, Google Cloud’s Engineering Director of Web3, James Tromans, shares his vision on how AI can be a powerful tool to enhance productivity and accelerate 'time to market' for Web3 startups.

Contrary to popular belief, Web3 isn't just about keeping your data private. Tromans highlights that the key feature of Web3 is data ownership and choice. It's about “owning your data and having more choice in what to do with it,” adding an extra layer of security and traceability.

Tromans underscores that the real value of Web3 lies in solving for business outcomes, rather than mere speculation on tokens. Google's strategy has two facets: horizontal and vertical. The former aims to meet customers where they are, including Web3 natives, and the latter focuses on what products they build.

While Tromans clarifies that AI isn’t a one-stop solution for all challenges, he asserts that it will make a significant impact by improving productivity, especially in tasks like smart contract writing and auditing.

Responding to criticisms about hosting Web3 projects on "legacy" platforms like Google Cloud, Tromans points out that Google's own fiber network adds to the ecosystem's decentralization. He emphasizes the need for ubiquitous and equitable adoption of Web3 technologies.

“Google Cloud has been a validator on several blockchains like Axie Infinity’s Ronin and Solana, and we aim to make Google Cloud the preferred choice among Web3 developers,” Tromans notes. His vision is clear: For Web3 technologies to benefit everyone, it needs mass adoption, not just a focused interest from a small cohort.

Google Cloud's James Tromans provides a nuanced take on the potential symbiosis between AI and Web3. With productivity tools powered by AI, he foresees a significant reduction in the 'time to market' for Web3 projects, fostering a quicker and more effective realization of business outcomes in this emerging digital landscape.