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Google Cloud and Cronos Accelerator Program Team Up to Boost AI Innovation in Web3

Google Cloud is collaborating with Cronos Labs, a blockchain venture accelerator, to boost AI innovation in Web3, offering ventures resources and mentorship to develop AI-enabled applications.

Google Cloud, Cronos Labs Foster AI in Web3

Cronos Labs, a prominent blockchain venture accelerator that focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 games, and social applications, has recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud. This strategic collaboration is designed to equip various ventures with the necessary resources to develop AI-enabled applications within the Web3 sphere, further enriching the Cronos ecosystem. Google Cloud, as part of this collaboration, will contribute Google Cloud credits to the projects in the Accelerator Program.

This partnership allows these ventures to leverage Google Cloud's vast range of services, infrastructure, and products to build, test, and deploy Web3-related applications. Moreover, the Cronos Labs Accelerator Program stands to benefit from Google Cloud's expertise in AI, with plans to host AI forums and provide mentorship for participating ventures.

The objective here is to guide the application of AI technology in the development of decentralized applications, contributing to the creation of smarter, more scalable, and efficient applications. Rishi Ramchandani, Google Cloud Asia Pacific’s Web3 Lead, affirmed the company's commitment to work with Cronos Labs and the ventures in the Accelerator Program, noting the critical role of innovation within the Web3 sector.

Furthermore, the Cronos Labs Accelerator Program, which prioritizes verticals such as infrastructure, SocialFi, GameFi, and the DeFi sectors, will offer $30,000 in an open seed funding round to selected projects.