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GasZero and Footprint Analytics Team Up for Gas-Free Web3 Ecosystem Expansion

GasZero partners with Footprint Analytics to build a gasless Web3 ecosystem. The collaboration aims to speed up the transition from Web2 to Web3 with zero gas fees.

GasZero and Footprint Analytics Unite for Gas-Free Web3 Growth

Blockchain data provider Footprint Analytics has joined forces with GasZero, a gasless zk-Rollup Layer 2 solution, to build a gas-free Web3 ecosystem. This groundbreaking partnership seeks to eliminate gas fees and accelerate the migration from Web2 to Web3.

GasZero's ambition to support "Zero Gas Fee" across the board integrates well with Footprint Analytics' data-centric foundation. Footprint provides real-time, scalable on-chain data from over 20 blockchains, enabling dApp developers and GasZero to more efficiently implement the "0 Gas Fee" concept.

GasZero aims to collaborate with trusted ecosystem partners to deliver data-driven and bespoke solutions. These solutions include seamless wallet interactions and gas-free applications that would significantly enhance GasZero's Layer 2 network. Adam, GasZero's Co-Founder, emphasized the crucial role of strategic partnerships in this journey.

Footprint Analytics offers a comprehensive API that integrates both on-chain and off-chain data, including verified wallet addresses, transactions, and other relevant information. This abundant data allows GasZero and its partners to identify and segment consumers for targeted marketing, thereby attracting and retaining new users through gas-free interactions.

Navy Tse, CEO and Co-Founder of Footprint Analytics, highlighted the role of analytics in simplifying Web3 decisions. Footprint’s wide-ranging data visualizations across various blockchain networks allow individuals and enterprises to make informed choices in the Web3 space.

The partnership between GasZero and Footprint Analytics is set to disrupt the status quo by introducing the radical concept of "0 Gas Fee," ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the Web3 ecosystem. As Web3 adoption continues to soar, this collaboration could be a game-changer in the industry.