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Furrend: The New Web3 Platform for Pet Video Content Creators

Furrend emerges from stealth, bringing Web3 technology to pet video-sharing. This innovative platform promises financial rewards through NFTs for pet content creators.

Furrend: Revolutionizing Pet Content with Web3 & NFTs

The digital content arena witnesses a significant shift as Furrend, the pioneering Web3-based pet video-sharing platform, debuts. Designed to harness the financial potential of pet content creation, Furrend incorporates groundbreaking financial incentives through NFTs.

In today's digitally dominant world, over a third of pet owners showcase their furry friends on dedicated social media profiles. With the pet market's vast monetary potential, creators are keen on monetizing their craft. Yet, conventional platforms, primarily ad-driven, fall short in compensating creators fairly.

Furrend's mission is clear – restore value to creators. Their platform equips creators with tools to monetize their art and engage communities, capitalizing on Web3's features and NFTs.

Jun Gong, Furrend Co-Founder, envisions the platform as a game-changer. Drawing parallels with SoundCloud and OnlyFans, Gong believes Furrend will be the go-to hub for pet content creators seeking fair remuneration.

Abby Murphy, a renowned pet content creator, praises Furrend for addressing the monetization challenges faced on traditional platforms. With Furrend, she sees hope in making a viable living from her passion.

Eager users can anticipate features such as gamified rewards, royalty sharing, on-chain ownership, and heightened creator engagement when Furrend goes live. The current beta phase is exclusive, with a public release slated for Q4.

For a sneak peek into Furrend's revolutionary offering, visit their website,, stay updated on X, or indulge in the lively discussions on their Discord channel.

Join the movement. Furrend is not just another platform; it's the future of pet content creation.