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Fleek Network to Introduce a Decentralized Edge Platform for Web3

Fleek Network announces its intent to create a decentralized edge network for Web3, revealing a groundbreaking infrastructure layer for Web3 dApps.

Fleek Network Pioneers Web3-Native Decentralized Edge Platform

In an industry-first move, Fleek Network is poised to unveil a decentralized edge network for Web3. The public release of a whitepaper offers insight into this groundbreaking technology, which is described as a critical building block for Web3 dApp developers. This innovative platform aims to deliver top-notch performance and low-latency demanded by users without the need to compromise on decentralization.

The modern web thrives on microservices, accelerated by an edge or content delivery network (CDN). Fleek Network's co-founder and CEO, Harrison Hines, explains that CDNs contribute to the swift loading speeds experienced by most users today, owing to their proximity to end-users.

However, Web3 currently lacks its native decentralized edge infrastructure. Developers are thus left with either attempting to build these performance optimizations themselves, a demanding task, or opting for Web2 performance layers like Cloudflare, which infringes on their decentralized principles.

Fleek Network's decentralized edge is scheduled for a testnet launch by the end of August. It will enable Web3 developers to build high-performance dApps and services without reliance on centralized CDN providers like Cloudflare, thereby eliminating associated risks.

Beyond a decentralized CDN, Fleek Network's edge layer introduces a novel protocol architecture that allows for a range of additional uses such as serverless functions, server-side rendering, container orchestration, and various database functions.

Fleek's network utilizes a crowdsourcing model, where users contribute their resources and are incentivized with fees. The network's mainnet is projected to be operational by Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.