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Dplus KIA Partners with Dplus Arena: A Leap into Web3 Esports Industry

Dplus KIA and Dplus Arena have announced their official Web3 partnership, signaling a significant milestone in the Esports industry. The collaboration will focus on business ventures leveraging Web3 technology and its applications.

Dplus KIA and Dplus Arena Partnership.

Dplus KIA, a distinguished Esports organization, and Dplus Arena, a leading Web3 Esports platform, have announced their official Web3 partnership. This partnership, which was confirmed on the 14th of July, marks a significant milestone in the Esports industry and is expected to bring about exciting developments leveraging Web3 technology.

Dplus Arena is a unique Web3 platform dedicated to blockchain-based Esports fans and gamers. It offers an Esports Lounge showcasing content from domestic Esports teams and operates the Web3 Academy and Mint House, which provide opportunities for education and rewards like NFTs.

As part of the partnership, Dplus KIA will use Dplus Arena to share information about its roster and deliver engaging content related to their matches and activities. The partnership aims to provide a more immersive and interactive experience for Esports fans.

Dplus KIA is a renowned Esports team within the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), managing five highly competitive Esports teams competing in games like League of Legends, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant. Their League of Legends team has notably won three consecutive LCK championships and the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.