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Dota 2 and Rocket League Pros Show Interest in Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

Professional gamers Erik “Tofu” Engel and Max Ng express interest in exploring Web3 and blockchain gaming. They see potential benefits for player rewards and in-game experiences.

Pro Gamers Keen to Explore Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

Professional Dota 2 player Erik Engel, also known as “Tofu”, and Rocket League gamer Max Ng, known by his tag “Maxeew”, are interested in exploring Web3 and blockchain gaming's potential. Despite the scepticism of some game developers towards Web3 integration, these professional players see beneficial features for gamers in the blockchain realm.

Erik Engel, a Dota 2 player for Gaimin Gladiators, who has won over $400,000 from various Dota 2 tournaments, perceives the advent of blockchain gaming positively. He believes it's refreshing to see gaming companies striving to make “more out of games than just games”. According to him, blockchain gaming is a new and expanding field that he wants to explore more in the future.

Max Ng, a professional Rocket League player, shares similar sentiments. He is attracted to the idea of games being developed in new ways with innovative technology and features, especially those that reward users for their time and expenditure on the game. While he hasn't yet tried blockchain-based games personally, he plans to explore them once the busy gaming season ends.

Joseph Turner, the co-founder of Gaimin Gladiators, the organization to which both Engel and Ng belong, noted that the advent of Web3 games within the decentralized finance space initially frightened many major publishers. However, he believes that the stance of traditional gaming companies like Valve Corporation will change rapidly over time.

Walter Lee, partner growth and GameFi leader at BNB Chain, suggests that Web3 and blockchain technology could revolutionize traditional gaming ecosystems. From tokenizing in-game assets to on-chain verifiable random number generation mechanisms, he believes that the potential is enormous. He envisions a future where Web3 gaming grows so fast it simply becomes known as gaming. Lee also sees significant opportunities for professional gamers to build their brand and revenue streams in the Web3 space.