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Enter the New Age of Web3 Gaming with Pink Moon Studios’ Launch of ‘KMON: World of Kogaea’

Immerse yourself in the world of Web3 gaming with Pink Moon Studios’ 'KMON: World of Kogaea.' A unique 3D game experience awaits the adventurous Kryptomon NFT holders!

KMON: World of Kogaea - A New Age in Web3 Gaming by Pink Moon

Pink Moon Studios, the pioneering Web3 gaming studio, has set a new benchmark in the realm of digital gaming with their latest offering, “KMON: World of Kogaea.” This spellbinding 3D open-world game beckons players to an enchanting digital domain, reserved solely for Kryptomon NFT holders. With the genius blend of the newest Web3 gaming technologies, Pink Moon Studios has masterfully fashioned a riveting NFT metaverse game, offering an unrivalled gaming experience.

The rise of “KMON: World of Kogaea” symbolizes an important landmark for both Pink Moon Studios and the broader Web3 gaming universe. Pink Moon Studios, an industry frontrunner, boasts of impressive triumphs, including garnering $11.4 million during funding rounds and nurturing an enthusiastic community of almost 450,000 fans across diverse social platforms. Their dedication to innovation has given rise to game-changing technologies such as the “Diamond Contract” and the on-chain “NFT Forging System,” amplifying player engagement and forging an intriguing digital connection with Kryptomon.

With the grand debut of “KMON: World of Kogaea,” Pink Moon Studios brings forth a new epoch in gaming, assuring players exhilarating, absorbing, and lively gaming experiences. As blockchain technology incessantly progresses, Pink Moon Studios’ innovative gaming experiences set the foundation for a glorious future.

As part of the launch celebrations, Pink Moon Studios has unraveled a string of immersive campaign activities, primarily the introduction of the exclusive “Pink Moon Shards.” These unique tokens, designed using ERC-1125 blockchain technology, can be obtained by completing quests within the World of Kogaea during the Early-Community Preview events. Post the game's official release, the Pink Moon Shards provide players an exclusive opportunity to engage with the “KMON Forge,” Pink Moon’s innovative on-chain crafting system.

In addition to the exclusive shards, Pink Moon Studios will spearhead a dynamic community campaign across multiple social media platforms, offering participants a chance to win free Kryptomon NFTs, thereby fostering an exhilarating atmosphere for players during the game's official release.

Pink Moon Studios will also be hosting a special live-streaming event, giving the community a chance to connect with the creators behind the game, to celebrate the launch of “KMON: World of Kogaea.”