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CAMPFIRE of Japan Steps into Web3 Realm with the Introduction of Livefor.

Japanese crowdfunding giant, CAMPFIRE, dives into the web3 industry with its new subsidiary, Livefor. The initiative targets NFTs, DAOs, and a community platform powered by AI and blockchain.

CAMPFIRE Ignites Web3 Revolution with New Subsidiary, Livefor

In a landmark move for Japan's digital landscape, CAMPFIRE, the country's premier crowdfunding platform, has ventured into the dynamic web3 domain. Their method? The establishment of their cutting-edge subsidiary, Livefor Co., Ltd.

CAMPFIRE's announcement signals a new era in its operations. With Livefor at the helm, they're charting a course towards an advanced community platform. This won't be any ordinary platform, though. Livefor aspires to seamlessly blend the prowess of AI with the robustness of blockchain technology. And if that wasn't ambitious enough, the subsidiary has its sights set on the vibrant universes of NFTs and DAOs, both cornerstones of the web3 revolution.

The journey began when Livefor was officially founded, backed by a substantial capital of 50 million yen. The company's leadership is nothing short of stellar. Spearheading its operations are Koyo Shirakawa and Kenichiro Fujisaki. Mr. Shirakawa brings to the table his experience as the lead engineer for "FiNANCiE," a token-issuing crowdfunding service launched in 2019. On the other hand, Mr. Fujisaki, a former executive at Mercari/Souzo, took the reins as CAMPFIRE's executive officer and COO in 2022.

This strategic move by CAMPFIRE, manifested through Livefor's foundation, is more than just an expansion. It's a testament to the company's foresight and commitment to harnessing the next wave of technological innovation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of community-centric services in the digital age.