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Bitcoin Mining Rig Maker MicroBT Unveils Most Powerful Machine Yet

MicroBT debuts three new high-performance Bitcoin mining rigs at the Bitcoin2023 conference, outperforming competitors and eyeing sustainability.

As the Bitcoin2023 conference in Miami sparks electrifying conversations, MicroBT, a renowned Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, proudly pulled the covers off its latest trio of mining rigs. Among these newly introduced machines is one that reigns supreme as the most potent currently available in the marketplace.

Dubbed the WhatsMiner M53S++, this power player boasts an impressive 320 terahashes per second (TH/s) of computational prowess, coupled with an efficiency of 22 joules per terahash (J/T). Notably, it outperforms its Bitmain competitor, the Antminer S19 XP Hydro, which delivers up to 257 TH/s, says Zuoxing Yang, MicroBT's founder and CEO. However, when it comes to efficiency, the Bitmain model takes the lead with a slightly lower 20.8 J/T.

Unveiling two other models, MicroBT showcased the M50S++, an air-cooling system offering 150 TH/s, and the M56S++, an immersion cooling system that can ramp up to 230 TH/s. Both these models carry an efficiency of 22 J/TH.

But it's not all about power for MicroBT. Amidst mounting concerns over the hefty energy consumption associated with Bitcoin mining, the company is looking towards sustainable solutions. "With an energy crisis looming and global warming accelerating, we believe Bitcoin mining needs an upgrade in power sourcing. Green energy is the answer," states the company's press release.

The firm is also optimizing its WhatsMiner for solar power utilization, aligning with Yang's vision that solar energy, with its decentralized nature, pairs perfectly with the decentralized Bitcoin network.