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Astar Foundation and NTT Digital Partner to Boost Web3 Infrastructure and Training

Astar Foundation collaborates with NTT Digital in a strategic partnership to develop Web3 training programs and enhance network infrastructure.

Astar Foundation & NTT Digital Unite for Web3 Development.

The Astar Foundation, the developer group behind the Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platform, has announced a strategic partnership with NTT Digital. This collaboration aims to develop Web3 training programs and enhance network infrastructure.

The Astar Foundation, a reputable source code custodian, is committed to delivering innovative solutions that, together with NTT Digital and Astar technology, will enable billions of people to use Web3. NTT Digital, founded by leading Japanese telecommunication company NTT DoCoMo, aims to provide a secure and user-friendly space for organizations and individuals to create and develop in Web3.

Astar Foundation and NTT Digital will work together to encourage people to pursue careers in the burgeoning Web3 industry, which has a growing demand for engineers and business executives. They aim to provide training programs, experiential learning opportunities, and establish a network for Web3 professionals and businesses to collaborate.

As Web3 rapidly evolves, both the Astar Foundation and NTT Digital are committed to addressing challenges such as price fluctuations, data security, and fraud protection. As the user base of the Astar Network grows, both organizations will combine their resources to develop methods that ensure user safety, prevent fraud, and foster a trustworthy environment.