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Aquanow Debuts AQN Digital Ventures Fund, Aiming to Propel Web3 Advancements

Aquanow introduces the AQN Digital Ventures Fund, focusing on early-stage blockchain projects. This initiative seeks to empower next-gen blockchain entrepreneurs.

Aquanow Launches AQN Digital Ventures Fund: Navigating the Future of Blockchain Investment

Leading digital assets infrastructure provider, Aquanow, has stepped into the limelight with the launch of its AQN Digital Ventures Fund. This blockchain-centric fund looks to be the bridge connecting investors to the upcoming wave of blockchain innovators and enterprises, solidifying itself as a trusted ally in the dynamic Web3 terrain.

Michael Kwok, at AQN Digital's helm of Venture Capital, revealed that the fund has attracted investments from those intimately familiar with Aquanow. This includes initial supporters and enduring clients who have been integral to the firm's trajectory. The fund has already stamped its commitment to blockchain innovation by strategically investing in seven pioneering companies.

Kwok accentuated the transformative prowess of Web3, painting it as the dawning of a significant transition in global finance. In this changing ecosystem, allies like Aquanow, seasoned by their crypto endeavors, become crucial in bolstering promising trailblazers.

Valued at a robust $13.4 million CAD ($10 million USD), AQN Digital Ventures Fund zeroes in primarily on nascent blockchain endeavors. It has already sealed investments worth $6.7 million CAD ($5 million USD), with notable investments in BoomFi's seed round and cryptocurrency startup, Mash. The future sees the fund scoping out one to two novel investments monthly.

Kwok underlined that many crypto startups are helmed by industry veterans. AQN Digital Ventures Fund aspires to stand by these visionaries in their nascent phases, bolstering their groundbreaking pursuits.

The fund eyes investments spanning $100,000 to $500,000 for each venture, anticipating a steady two investments monthly. Aquanow's radar specifically spots payments, infrastructure, and crypto compliance. All investments are harmoniously aligned with Aquanow’s foundational business ethos.

Serving a varied international clientele, Aquanow, established in 2018, has burgeoned, now boasting over 100 professionals. Phil Sham, Aquanow’s CEO and co-founder, melds traditional finance expertise, symbolizing the fusion of old-world finance and the crypto revolution.

Aquanow’s allegiance to regulatory standards shines through AQN Asset Management, Ltd.'s registration with Canadian commissions. This commitment underpins the company's quest to bring pioneering yet secure digital assets investment avenues to Canadians.

As blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors metamorphose, the AQN Digital Ventures Fund, backed by Aquanow's sterling reputation, is well-positioned to harness the burgeoning VC prospects in crypto. Aquanow's regulatory fidelity, coupled with its path-breaking ethos, promises a luminous future in the Web3 domain.