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Ankr's Revolutionary Solutions Debuts on Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Enterprise RPC and AppChain Now Available

Ankr's revolutionary solutions, Enterprise RPC and AppChain, are now available on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, marking a significant step towards easy blockchain connectivity and custom blockchain creation.

Earlier this year, Ankr and Microsoft formed a strategic partnership to introduce Enterprise RPC services to the Azure Marketplace. Following successful integration and testing, Ankr has officially launched the service, providing seamless global connectivity and low-latency blockchain connections to Azure's broad customer base. This enables businesses to focus on their core objectives of developing and growing their Web3 projects and applications.

Capitalizing on their alliance, Ankr and Microsoft have broadened their partnership to introduce AppChains, an innovative solution that enables businesses to quickly launch their own dedicated and fully customizable blockchains, thereby facilitating their Web3 initiatives.

The Ankr AppChains product, which has been on the market for a year, has transformed how Web3 organizations launch scalable, application-specific blockchains for their decentralized applications and projects. The service's versatility and usability have positioned it as a leading choice for enterprises seeking to leverage blockchain technology for their specific use cases.

By providing the AppChain solution on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, Ankr offers a convenient and trustworthy solution for businesses looking to adopt emerging technologies, accelerating their market entry for various use cases. This not only enhances the accessibility of AppChains but also reinforces its credibility and reliability.