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AI Meets Web3: Find Satoshi Labs Launches GNT V3, an AI-Powered NFT Generator

Satoshi Labs' groundbreaking GNT V3 transforms selfies into stunning NFT artworks on the Solana blockchain, merging technology and creativity in the Web3 realm.

Satoshi Labs Unveils GNT V3: Selfies to NFT Art.

Unleash your inner artist with Satoshi Labs' groundbreaking release: an AI-powered tool that transforms selfies into captivating NFT artworks on the Solana blockchain. As the parent company of the popular Web3 game STEPN, Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is taking digital self-expression to new heights with the introduction of GNT V3.

GNT V3 represents the seamless integration of creativity and cutting-edge technology. Developed in collaboration with MOOAR, FSL's innovative NFT marketplace, this powerful tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform user selfies into mesmerizing AI-generated images, seamlessly minted on the secure Solana blockchain.

According to Yawn Rong, co-founder of FSL, GNT V3 has the potential to redefine digital identity in the dynamic Web3 landscape. "We stand at the forefront of a new era in Web3 technology, where personal individuality merges harmoniously with the transformative power of blockchain. With GNT, we are pushing the boundaries of digital self-expression, empowering users to become creators of their own extraordinary digital masterpieces, ready to be showcased and monetized within the vibrant Web3 ecosystem."

Last month, FSL unveiled the initial version of GNT, enabling artists to mint individual NFTs on the MOOAR marketplace. Building upon this success, the subsequent release of GNT V2 in April further enhanced its AI model.

Jerry Huang, co-founder of FSL, expressed the team's dedication to pioneering novel applications of AI technology. "While the world continues to explore the possibilities and challenges of AI, we have spent months striving to innovate and revolutionize the potential of this technology," Huang explained in a press release.

In November, FSL introduced MOOAR, a native marketplace for STEPN users to trade their NFT sneakers essential for the immersive gameplay experience.

With Satoshi Labs leading the charge in bridging art, technology, and blockchain, the future of digital self-expression has never been more exciting.