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9dcc and Stapleverse: Pioneering a Web3 Luxury Fashion Collaboration

9dcc and Stapleverse have teamed up to launch a revolutionary Web3 fashion collaboration – the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap, blending luxury fashion with digital collectibles.

The crypto-native luxury house, 9dcc, led by gmoney, has joined forces with Stapleverse, the web3 platform developed by streetwear pioneer Jeff Staple, to unveil a groundbreaking Web3 fashion collaboration. This innovative partnership is all set to launch the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap during the Paris Fashion Week: Men’s.

This collaboration sees two industry trailblazers, Jeff Staple and gmoney, who have significantly impacted the domains of street culture and Web3 technology, respectively, join forces. The limited-edition baseball cap is an avant-garde blend of luxury fashion and digital collectibles, featuring 9dcc Networked Product™ technology, an embedded NFC chip, and a digital twin NFT.

Jeff Staple, well-known for Staple Pigeons, is no stranger to pushing boundaries in street culture. With Stapleverse, he continues to explore the intersection of Web3 technology, fashion, and culture. On the other hand, gmoney, the mastermind behind 9dcc and Admit One, has played a crucial role in facilitating the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology and transforming the industry through his contributions to the world of NFTs and luxury fashion.

The 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap, limited to 250 pieces, merges the worlds of luxury, streetwear, and Web3 technology, promising to become a highly sought-after collector’s item. With its metal hardware, embroidered pigeon illustration symbolizing the collaboration, and luxurious appeal, the cap offers a unique, interactive experience within the 9dcc ecosystem through gamification, POAPs, and rewarding Web3 experiences.