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0xKYC Partners with Onfido to Enhance Fraud Protection in Web3 and Metaverse

Onfido partners with 0xKYC to bring biometric verification and zero-knowledge proof identity solutions to DAOs, improving fraud protection on blockchain platforms.

0xKYC, Onfido Team Up for Web3, Metaverse Security

Onfido, a leading company in automated digital identity verification, announced a partnership with 0xKYC, a startup that brings zero-knowledge proof identity solutions to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). 0xKYC is currently in its seed investment round and is supported by Outlier Ventures and New Order.

Using Onfido's technology, 0xKYC developed the 1VOTE plugin for Aragon, which enables users to verify their identities without losing their anonymity. The process involves users taking a picture of their ID and a photo or short video of their face using Onfido’s biometric verification solution, Motion. This information is quickly compared to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Web3 fraud databases through Onfido’s Verification Suite. Once verified, 0xKYC issues a Soulbound Token that validates the user's status as OFAC and Web3 verified, and confirms they are over 18.

This solution allows businesses to confirm the real identities of their customers while preventing fraud and interaction with illicit actors. 0xKYC's 1VOTE solution has already seen uptake in DAO communities. In May, 1VOTE won the "Most Creative Use of OSx" category at Aragon’s DAO Global Hackathon and is now being used by Web3 gaming companies like Insert Stonks to prevent bot activity and duplicate accounts.

This partnership aims to boost security levels on Web3 and the Metaverse, prioritizing user security and privacy without compromising data compliance and accuracy for businesses. By extending KYC and AML solutions to the blockchain, 0xKYC offers a permissionless way for protocols that use Aragon OSx or any other system to verify the uniqueness and eligibility of their DAO users for voting.