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Web3 Education Pioneers Curious Addys and Zeneca Unveil HeyMint: A User-Friendly NFT Platform for Beginners

Curious Addys and Zeneca are introducing HeyMint, a novice-friendly NFT platform. It simplifies minting process and offers a welcoming entry point to Web3 for creators.

HeyMint platform, a beginner-friendly NFT platform developed by Curious Addys and Zeneca.

Curious Addys, a renowned Web3 education platform, and Zeneca, an expert in non-fungible token (NFT) education, are collaborating to launch HeyMint, a beginner-friendly NFT platform designed to help creators develop their initial collection.

Designed to simplify the minting process for creators and introduce new participants to Web3, HeyMint is an equitable, accessible, and cost-effective tool for creatives. The platform empowers artists to upload their artistic assets, choose their preferred blockchain, initiate an allow list presale, and enforce royalties. Presently, HeyMint supports Ethereum and three Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains – Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Listing collections on HeyMint comes with no fees for creators, while collectors are charged a modest $1 per mint. Curious Addys' CEO, Mai Akiyoshi, shared with CoinDesk that creators require welcoming tools that simplify the transition into the Web3 environment, rather than those that complicate the journey.

According to Akiyoshi, "The biggest problem we saw is that creating smart contracts is really difficult and even NFT standards like ERC-721 or 1155 are really standardized. We have a lot of experience in educating people in our community and we want to be able to bring in more people who are not familiar with NFTs."

Curious Addys and Zeneca have already raised $5 million from their own NFT collections and have collaborated with high-profile brands such as Universal Music Group and the World of Women NFT collection. Zeneca is also the founder of Zen Academy, an online platform aimed at educating new NFT collectors about Web3.