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Line Next Introduces Sweet Monster Guardians: Merging Web3 Gaming with NFT Elements

Dive into Line Next’s latest Web3 game, “Sweet Monster Guardians,” on Game Dosi. Experience the fusion of popular Sweet Monster with cutting-edge NFT gaming.

Sweet Monster Guardians- Line Next's New NFT Gaming Sensation

Asian tech giant Line Next is set to take the gaming world by storm with the launch of its second Web3 game, “Sweet Monster Guardians,” on its renowned Game Dosi platform. Fans of the popular South Korean character brand, Sweet Monster, are in for a treat as the game integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its exciting gameplay. However, note that players in South Korea, Japan, and China will have to wait a bit longer due to its international launch strategy.

Line Next, a division of the prominent Line messaging firm from South Korea, reaffirms its dedication to the blossoming NFT ecosystem with this release. Their vision? A seamless blend of gaming and NFTs that offers an unmatched experience to players.

“Sweet Monster Guardians” allows players to dive into a world of strategy without any downloads. Playable directly on PCs and mobile devices, it brings together the allure of NFTs and the charm of the Sweet Monster brand.

Set in a whimsical universe, players transform into Sweet Monsters, joy-spreading beings, united to protect their haven. With a multitude of strategic options, like card deployment, skill enhancement, and live multiplayer battles, entertainment is guaranteed.

As a special nod to the game's launch, Sweet Monster NFT holders get exclusive in-game items. Want more? Unique NFTs from “Sweet Monster Guardians” are up for grabs from October 6 on Game Dosi.

That's not all! Line Next has kickstarted an alpha test for its debut in-house title under the Project GD IP. This trading card venture promises intense one-on-one digital card duels. Plus, Game Dosi Membership NFT holders can expect bonus in-game NFTs during the test phase.

Line Next's vision stretches beyond just gaming. They envision Game Dosi as a comprehensive platform for a thriving community of Web3 game enthusiasts and digital asset traders.

The dual entities of Line Next, with bases in South Korea and the United States, epitomize global collaboration. Through their combined efforts, they aim to revolutionize the NFT and gaming spheres, bridging continental divides.