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Volaris Launches Ten NFTs Through Annual Pass Initiative

Volaris introduces a collection of 10 NFTs that not only pay tribute to iconic destinations but also include an Annual Pass for unlimited travel. The limited-edition NFTs are available on

Volaris Soars into the NFT Space

Volaris, the Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier, has ventured into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), marking a first in the Mexican aviation sector. The airline recently unveiled a set of 10 unique NFTs, each featuring iconic destinations like Cancun, Bogota, Tijuana, and more. But there's a twist—each NFT also serves as an Annual Pass, allowing unlimited travel across the Volaris network.

Each NFT-Annual Pass combo can be purchased via at a special pre-sale price. Daniel Gelemovich, Director of Marketing and Digital at Volaris, stated, "We are thrilled to be the first airline in Mexico to venture into the exciting world of NFTs and Web 3.0."

The Annual Pass is designed to cater to digital nomads and spontaneous travelers. It allows for booking domestic flights one day in advance and international flights three days in advance. The pass costs $460, and the first 20 buyers of the NFTs will receive a special welcome kit with access to unique experiences.

Volaris is not the first airline to enter the NFT space. Others like All Nippon Airways, airBaltic, Qantas, and Etihad Airways have already dipped their toes into this burgeoning market. However, Volaris distinguishes itself by bundling the NFTs with a travel pass.

Volaris aims to elevate the customer service experience through this initiative. The NFT-Annual Pass not only pays tribute to destinations but also functions as a travel privilege, taking customer engagement to new digital heights.

While the NFT serves as an Annual Pass, passengers are still required to pay for taxes, charges, and ancillary products when traveling.

As the first airline in Mexico to embrace NFTs and one of the few globally to tie it with actual travel benefits, Volaris is setting the bar high in terms of innovation and customer engagement in the aviation industry. It remains to be seen how this novel approach will influence other airlines and the NFT market in general.