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Phantom Galaxies Launches Early Access with Distinctive Features

Phantom Galaxies unveils its Early Access on Epic Games and Steam, promising revolutionary gameplay. With Web3 features on Epic Games and traditional gameplay on Steam, a new gaming era beckons.

Phantom Galaxies: Revolutionizing Gaming on Epic & Steam

The digital gaming realm stands on the cusp of transformation. Phantom Galaxies, the next-gen online gaming marvel, is gearing up for its monumental Early Access debut on Epic Games and Steam, earmarked for November 2nd, 2023. This dual-platform launch is not just another release—it's a statement. While Epic Games is embracing the Web3 revolution, Steam ensures a more conventional gaming journey.

Phantom Galaxies promises not just a game, but an odyssey. Set in a futuristic cosmos brimming with celestial wonders, the game beckons players into a universe of intrigue. As they navigate interstellar territories, encounter rogue space brigands, and delve into intricate quests, rewards await in the form of enhanced abilities and starship prowess. From steering starships to mingling with NPCs in 3D space stations, the gaming experience is multi-dimensional.

A groundbreaking feature lies in Starfighter ownership through NFTs, bestowing players with unmatched ownership and customization avenues. The game, currently in its vibrant open beta phase, introduces new dimensions like a bounty system and time-bound quests, ensuring players are always on their toes.

The game developers aren't stopping here. They envision a Phantom Galaxies teeming with PvP combat arenas, high-stake PvE raids, and the adrenaline-pumping prospect of potential Starfighter NFT losses in designated zones—raising the stakes of space combat.

Building on its legacy, Phantom Galaxies rolls out Beta — Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, replete with novel gameplay elements. A highlight? The player progression reset. This strategic recalibration dovetails with a revamped player progression matrix, offering players a meticulous advancement tracker. From combat victories to gear upgrades, every achievement contributes to a Power level, capped at 20.

Gameplay gets more intricate with enriched gear crafting and scaled adversaries, ensuring players of all proficiencies face worthy challenges. Mech enthusiasts have reasons to cheer too—the Breacher class mech returns, laden with advanced weaponry and defense systems.

Refinements extend to user interface upgrades and a new screenshot hotkey (F2), perfect for those in-game photogenic moments.

As Phantom Galaxies preps for its grand debut, it's not just launching a game—it's pioneering a new era. With an immersive storyline, avant-garde gameplay mechanics, and innovative Web3 inclusions, November 2nd promises to be a red-letter day for gamers globally.