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OpenSea Expands NFT Support to Zora's Ethereum Layer-2 Network

OpenSea is set to support Zora's Ethereum layer-2 network, allowing users to trade and mint NFTs with faster, cheaper transactions.

OpenSea Enables NFT Trading on Zora's Ethereum Layer-2 Network

OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, announced its support for Zora, an NFT minting platform that operates on its own Ethereum layer-2 scaling network. This move facilitates faster and less costly minting of on-chain artwork.

This partnership means that artworks minted on Zora's network can now be bought and sold on OpenSea. Furthermore, OpenSea's comprehensive suite of NFT-related tools will now be able to mint assets on Zora's scaling network.

Zora has created its network based on the existing scaling network, Optimism. This development has made OpenSea the latest of over 45 NFT platforms, including Sound, Gallery, and Rainbow, that support Zora's network.

Established in 2020, Zora initially offered artists the infrastructure to sell on-chain digital tokens associated with physical artwork and items. Since then, it has shifted to building an open-source protocol designed to allow all users to mint and sell NFTs and develop bespoke NFT marketplaces.

The transition from the Ethereum mainnet to a layer-2 scaling solution in June has made the process of minting 25 times cheaper, according to Jacob Horne, CEO and co-founder of Zora.