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OneOf Debuts Eco-Friendly NFT Crafting and Sales via Creator Mint Platform.

OneOf's Creator Mint ushers in a new age of sustainable NFT creation. Dive into zero-cost minting and sales while championing environmental sustainability.

OneOf Unleashes Creator Mint: The Nexus of Sustainability and NFT Artistry

OneOf, the NFT tech vanguard championing green innovation, has launched the Creator Mint platform. This trailblazing platform aims to empower creators, big or small, to mint, trade, or gift their digital masterpieces, all without any associated fees.

Famed for its eco-centric and intuitive Web3 ecosystem, OneOf offers a milieu where enthusiasts can effortlessly acquire or swap digital collectibles, dispelling apprehensions about the blockchain bedrock.

Lin Dai, the visionary co-founder and CEO of OneOf, encapsulates the platform’s mission as “relentlessly championing creator royalty.” This ethos breaks the 'Web3 glass ceiling,' allowing artists to foster profound ties with their audience.

In essence, OneOf’s minting innovation lets creators:

  • Secure a 10% royalty on resales of their minted assets.
  • Determine the pricing of their digital portfolios, including “free-to-claim” options.

Creator Mint's public beta version caters to all, from tech novices to experts. With blockchain backing for Tezos or Polygon self-minting, the platform guarantees zero gas fees, making digital collectible acquisition easy for Web3 newcomers.

Already, an eclectic mix of talent, ranging from 3D wizards, visual connoisseurs, digital art aficionados to melodious maestros, have boarded the Creator Mint journey. Celebrated artists like Andre Oshea, Jo Jerusalem, and Coco Sarai are among the pioneers.

Originating from the Mastercard’s Artist Accelerator initiative, OneOf’s platform amplifies the rapport between artists and their aficionados, widening their sphere of influence.

Launched in April, the Artist Accelerator program, paired with the Mastercard Music Pass, offered beneficiaries access to a wealth of educational content, epitomizing the harmonious alliance between Mastercard and Billboard. This collaboration culminated in a livestream extravaganza on Billboard’s YouTube.

Lin Dai elucidates OneOf’s ethos: “Creator Mint is a game-changer, bridging creators and fans. Our unwavering commitment to uphold creator royalties is testament to our pledge.” This promise accentuates OneOf's drive to fortify artists in the whirlwind NFT domain, all while nurturing an eco-friendly Web3 paradigm.