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NHN Leverages Sui Blockchain in a Move Towards Web3-Driven Crypto Gaming

NHN taps into Sui blockchain for its crypto game development, leveraging low transaction fees and high scalability. This partnership with Mysten Labs promises a new era in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

NHN Partners with Mysten Labs to Launch Crypto Games on the Sui Blockchain

South Korea's powerhouse game developer, NHN, is taking a strategic leap into the crypto gaming domain. By allying with Mysten Labs, the creators of the Sui blockchain, NHN is primed to bring a transformative experience to the crypto gaming community.

Established as an IT behemoth with unparalleled success in the APAC gaming scene, NHN has been a name synonymous with captivating gaming experiences. Their creations, such as Hangame Poker and Crusaders Quest, have won the hearts of about 37 million gamers globally. This Web2 giant's journey into the Web3 domain promises a blend of legacy gaming with the futuristic allure of blockchain.

Diving deep into the Web3 gaming world, NHN envisages a landscape where NFTs aren't just collectibles but an integral part of in-game experiences. While plans are still under wraps, Jine Lee, at NHN's helm of business development, teased potential in-game NFT trades and crypto-token rewards.

Ujin Chung, NHN's CEO, framed their Web3 foray as a transformative shift in the gaming industry's landscape. He articulated a vision where game content's intrinsic value seamlessly intertwines with an in-game economy, all propelled by tokenomics. "The imminent synergy between Web3 and gaming is the future. A future sculpted by innovators from the Web2 realm, known for crafting user-centric experiences," Chung remarked.

NHN's choice of the Sui blockchain underscores its desire for efficiency, scalability, and low costs. Sui, an innovation by Mysten Labs from May 2023, harnesses the Move programming language, enabling a gamut of features from parallel execution to quick finality and a plethora of on-chain assets.

Evan Cheng, the guiding force behind Mysten Labs, celebrated this partnership, emphasizing the mission to make Web3 resonate with billions. "Our alliance with NHN is not just about development; it's about creating a user 'stickiness' in Web3, something still uncharted. Our aspiration at Mysten is to make Web3's advantages accessible to everyone," Cheng elucidated.

This partnership between NHN and Mysten Labs signals a new epoch in the world of crypto gaming. With both giants leveraging their strengths, the Web3 gaming arena is set for a monumental transformation.