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Moonbox Secures Funding to Develop AI-Powered NFTs Leveraging Web3 and Film IP

Hong Kong-based startup, Moonbox, secures USD 1 million investment from OKX Ventures to advance its AI technology for Web3 and NFT applications. Utilizing famous actor Stephen Chow’s film IPs, the company plans to launch AI-powered NFTs inspired by the film industry.

Moonbox Gears Up to Launch AI-Driven NFTs with OKX Funding

Moonbox, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Web3-focused start-up based in Hong Kong, has obtained a USD 1 million investment from OKX Ventures. The capital injection will facilitate the acceleration of product growth and advancement of Moonbox's core technology, which is geared towards the creation of applications powered by generative AI technology for use in Web3 and NFT applications.

Apart from the significant investment, Moonbox has also secured a license to use the intellectual property (IP) of acclaimed Hong Kong actor Stephen Chow’s films. These include widely recognized titles like "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons," "Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back," and "The Mermaid." The company has laid out plans to launch a series of AI-powered NFTs and applications, drawing inspiration from the film and art industry by the end of 2023.

Moonbox is venturing into the realm of fusing AI and Web3 technology, unlocking promising possibilities within the NFT ecosystem. The company intends to design fully immersive experiences leveraging generative AI technology to make NFTs more engaging and valuable. This innovative approach is projected to broaden the variety of use cases in the film and entertainment sectors and attract a diverse user base.

OKX Ventures, recognized for its knack in identifying quality projects within the blockchain industry, has made strategic investments in over 300 global projects. The company's decision to invest in Moonbox aligns with its broader initiative to encourage the seamless integration of AI and Web3 technology.

Moonbox's mission is to energize the Web3 ecosystem and NFT space through the application of AI technology. The company aspires to provide interactive experiences with various digital assets, including NFTs, and play a critical role in the widespread adoption of Web3.