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Metagood’s Pioneering Move: Migrating NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin

Metagood leads the charge in NFT innovation by shifting the vast OCM Genesis Collection from Ethereum to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Metagood's Historic Leap: Moving OCM Genesis NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin

Metagood, the mastermind behind the iconic NFT collection OnChainMonkey (OCM), has taken a monumental stride in the blockchain realm by shifting its 10,000-piece OCM Genesis collection from Ethereum to the Bitcoin blockchain. This trailblazing decision has not only captivated the cryptocurrency aficionados but has also set new paradigms in cross-chain migrations.

Initially unveiled in September 2021, the OCM Genesis Collection wowed enthusiasts by uploading 10,000 unique monkey-themed NFTs onto Ethereum in a singular stroke. This bold move was a testament to OCM's technological prowess and innovative spirit. However, the narrative took a dramatic twist when Metagood decided to transfer this expansive collection to the Bitcoin network, underscoring Bitcoin's potential as an NFT platform.

The transition came with its share of challenges, chiefly the hefty $1 million price tag. The OCM DAO, always at the community's heart, suggested that OCM Genesis NFT owners with a Bitcoin Badge should be exempted from migration costs. This ingenious approach not only received a thunderous endorsement from the community but also marked a historic moment in DAO voting, attracting the highest vote count for a proposal within a single day since OCM DAO's inception.

The transition to the Bitcoin network was anything but straightforward. Metagood, in its unwavering commitment to the OCM community, spearheaded comprehensive educational campaigns around the sophisticated Bitcoin Ordinals and Recursive Inscriptions technologies. The team's transparency and dedication were evident in their willingness to foot a significant portion of the migration bill, which exceeded $1 million.

Danny Yang, the visionary behind OCM Genesis and Metagood's co-founder, regarded this move as revolutionary for the NFT domain. The migration not only aligns the NFTs with satoshis (sats) for enhanced transparency and provenance but also retains the collection's initial Ethereum presence.

The audacious move by Metagood epitomizes innovation and signals a promising future for cross-chain integration in the NFT world. It also mirrors the OCM community's unwavering faith in technological advancement and their enduring pursuit of excellence.

In the annals of blockchain and NFT history, Metagood's migration will be revered as a watershed moment. By seamlessly transitioning the OCM Genesis Collection from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Metagood has not only showcased the art of the possible but has also paved the way for future cross-chain endeavors.