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Le Clu3: Indosuez Wealth Management's Pioneering NFT Loyalty Program

Indosuez Wealth Management introduces Le Clu3, an innovative NFT loyalty program for its tech-savvy clients. The groundbreaking initiative marks a novel introduction of NFTs into the private banking sphere.

Le Clu3: Novel NFT Loyalty Program in Private Banking

Indosuez Wealth Management, a division of Crédit Agricole, unveils Le Clu3, a groundbreaking NFT loyalty program for its affluent clientele. Developed by SiaXperience and METAV.RS, Le Clu3 is a significant innovation in the private banking sector, bringing a unique NFT-driven approach to customer loyalty programs.

Le Clu3 is primarily targeted at tech-savvy clients in the wealth management industry, including tech-forward heirs, investors, and crypto entrepreneurs. This initiative marks a distinctive shift in customer engagement strategies, moving from traditional loyalty programs to NFT-based ones, a trend more commonly seen among fashion brands in the Web3 space.

A crucial feature of Le Clu3 is its high-security protocol implemented through the use of soulbound tokens, ensuring the exclusivity and quality of the club's membership. This echoes the strategy employed by Louis Vuitton's Web3 VIA program, reinforcing the select nature of these programs.

The tokens for Le Clu3 are minted on the Polygon network, enabling scalability on the Ethereum blockchain. Members have the flexibility to store their tokens in either standard or cloud-based wallets, guaranteeing a seamless onboarding process and user experience.

Further adding to the program's allure, attendees at exclusive Le Clu3 events can claim soulbound tokens, thereby increasing the program’s value and engagement levels.