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Krafton, the Mind Behind PUBG, Introduces 'Overdare' NFT Game Featuring AI Development Tools.

Krafton, creator of PUBG, has unveiled Overdare, an NFT-centric metaverse game platform. Using the Settlus blockchain, it aims to redefine game creation and monetization.

Krafton's Overdare: The NFT-Driven Metaverse Revolution

South Korean gaming titan Krafton, the genius behind PUBG, has taken the wraps off its eagerly-anticipated NFT metaverse game: Overdare. Initially recognized as Project Migaloo, the metaverse will have a soft opening in December and plans for an official launch between January and July 2024.

Crafted using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games, Overdare promises a Roblox-esque gaming realm. It will arm creators with AI-backed tools to shape their own shooter games, RPGs, action RPGs, and much more. The platform isn't just about gaming; it will also be a social hub, allowing users to design personalized avatars, engage in chats, attend virtual concerts, and delve into a wide selection of user-generated games. Its recently launched teaser hints at an immersive open-world domain.

This ambitious venture has Krafton collaborating with AR tech heavyweight, Naver Z. However, Krafton remains the dominant stakeholder, controlling 85% of the project, leaving 15% to Naver Z.

One of Overdare's standout features is its "create-to-earn" economic model. Gamers will have the freedom to trade in-game assets as NFTs. The choice of NFTs roots in their promise of transparent, secure transactions.

For Overdare's economic operations, Krafton and Naver Z have turned to their freshly-unveiled Settlus blockchain. Gamers will be able to monetize their gameplay using USDC, a stablecoin backed by U.S. dollars from Coinbase and Circle. Interestingly, Settlus will lean on Cosmos for handling USDC transactions. The Settlus vision, as portrayed on its official Twitter, is to be "the future of the creator economy."

Through a detailed Medium post, Settlus shared its intentions of launching an "NFT licensing system," though the specifics remain under wraps. The post also touched upon the potential challenges and considerations concerning Overdare's NFT dynamics.

There's still a veil of uncertainty on whether Settlus will introduce its own crypto token in the future or remain exclusive to USDC.

Given the stability and reliability of stablecoins like USDC, they often emerge as the preferred choice for many in the crypto realm. Unlike volatile counterparts like Bitcoin and Ethereum, stablecoins strive to stay anchored to the value of the U.S. Dollar.