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Gala Games Transitions NFTs to GalaChain in Collaboration with Elixir Games

Gala Games announces its transition to GalaChain, eliminating Ethereum gas fees, and teams up with Elixir Games to expand its gaming portfolio.

Gala Games' NFT Move to GalaChain & Elixir Games Linkup

The gaming realm is rapidly evolving, and Gala Games is on the frontlines of this transformation. On Monday, the platform took a strategic leap, announcing its decision to migrate its unsold and reserved NFT game items from the Ethereum network to its in-house blockchain, GalaChain. This move is poised to enhance the gaming experience, freeing players from Ethereum's notorious gas fees.

A hub for AAA game experiences, Gala Games emphasizes player ownership. With several games already under its belt and more than a dozen nearing completion, Gala Games remains at the forefront of innovation. Their latest offer? The “NFT Mystery Boxes.” These boxes, available in different tiers and price points, house game items that gamers can no longer purchase from the Gala Games Store. The primary allure of these Mystery Boxes is the element of surprise, as each contains three random game items from the vast Gala Games universe.

In the words of Jason “BitBender” Brink, Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, this transition is monumental. He emphasizes the intent behind game items: to be used and savored without fretting over "bridges and gas."

But that's not all. Gala Games recently forged a partnership with Elixir Games, a Web3 distribution platform known for its immersive gaming sessions and stellar community engagement. This collaboration will bring popular games like “Town Star” and “Spider Tanks” closer to gamers. With a shared vision for quality and engagement, both companies are enthusiastic about the future.

The gaming nights hosted by Elixir Games, featuring exclusive prizes and guests, promise to be a treat for gaming aficionados. Players can indulge in "Town Star," a town-building and farming game, or dive into the competitive arena of “Spider Tanks,” customizing and battling tanks as NFTs.

For gaming enthusiasts eager to stay abreast of the latest updates, Gala Games' official platforms, Discord, and “X” (previously known as Twitter) are the places to be. With its continuous advancements, Gala Games is surely setting new benchmarks in the gaming industry.