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Dimension X NFT Collection Set to Launch on Ethereum Blockchain on August 8

NFT collection Dimension X is set to launch on the Ethereum blockchain on August 8, offering digital cards for use in its corresponding RPG game.

Ethereum-Based NFT Collection Dimension X Launches August 8

NFT collection Dimension X has unveiled plans for its official launch on the Ethereum blockchain, scheduled for August 8. The collection includes Ethereum-based digital cards, which players can use in an affiliated RPG game. To celebrate the launch, community members can enter a raffle for a chance to mint an allowlisted NFT.

The allowlist raffle for Dimension X will close on July 31 at 10am PST. The collection will consist of a total supply of 10,000 NFTs, with 7,197 allotted for raffle mints and 2,803 reserved snapshot spots. Unclaimed reserved snapshot spots will be folded back into the raffle. The final approval of the allowlist raffle is contingent on compliance with the Dimension X team's decisions, as well as US laws and regulations.

Originating as a free-to-play strategic RPG on the Flow blockchain, Dimension X immerses players in a comic book universe. An in-game pan-dimensional explosion gives rise to humans, aliens, and monsters endowed with fearsome superpowers.

In this ever-evolving world, players can use NFT heroes to confront villains and monsters, level up, and rally behind their faction. They must assemble powerful super-teams to compete against other players and vie for the game currency THUL, which can be used to mint new heroes.

The team behind Dimension X is tirelessly working on enhancing the game, leveraging community feedback to add new features. Interested individuals can stay up to date with the project's developments by joining the Dimension X Discord and following their Twitter account.

Crypthulhu Studios, the creator of Dimension X, is a group of seasoned mobile game developers who share a love for games, crypto, blockchain technology, and NFTs. Their vision is to create outstanding games in the Web3 space, seizing the opportunities provided by blockchain technology. Dimension X is their pioneering project.