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Curate Partners with Mises Browser: A Leap Forward in Web3 Innovation

Curate, the gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace, collaborates with Mises Browser to facilitate Web3 innovation. The partnership enhances Curate's reach and adds a security badge, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Web3 Innovation Boost: Curate Partners with Mises Browser

Mises Browser, the world's first secure, extension-supported Web3 browser, has announced a partnership with Curate, a gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace. The collaboration will enable Curate to be listed on Mises Browser, expanding its reach and gaining a verified security badge.

This collaboration makes it simpler for Mises users to access the NFT marketplace while adding Curate to its list of security whitelists. This move boosts Curate's visibility and assures users of its security. Mises Browser will also recommend Curate to its users as a reputable NFT marketplace.

Previously, Mises Browser announced a partnership with HorizonDEX, aiming to facilitate access to a decentralized exchange for its users. This partnership with Curate represents another step towards promoting Web3 adoption by offering users easy access to a trusted NFT marketplace.

Any entity added to Mises Browser's security whitelist is deemed safe from phishing attacks. However, users are still advised to take necessary precautions as threat actors continue to innovate ways to exploit network vulnerabilities.

Mises Browser has also announced a partnership with Talisman Wallet, enabling seamless integration with its mobile platform. This move provides users with a smooth Web3 experience on their mobile devices.

Curate has amassed savings of $30 million and aims to launch a DAO in the coming days. Users can register for the DAO through an online form on the Curate official website. While no concrete timeline is available, the team assures to share further details as they make definitive progress. The advancements will be accessible on Web, Android, and iOS.

Curate has been expanding its footprint across different industries. It recently partnered with, allowing users to leverage their crypto holdings when booking travel. Users can access this feature by downloading the application and registering on the platform. Existing users may need to upgrade their application to use this feature.

This partnership between Curate and Mises Browser is a testament to their shared goal of fostering innovation and serving their communities. Their combined efforts aim to provide users with a reliable, secure, and user-friendly NFT marketplace.