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CUDOS Markets Unveils Genesis Collectibles: A Sustainable NFT Marketplace Revolution

CUDOS Markets enters the NFT arena with Genesis Collectibles, merging sustainability and real-world asset tokenization in a unique marketplace.

Excitement abounds in the blockchain world as CUDOS introduces a unique marketplace for tokenized real-world assets - CUDOS Markets. The platform, an innovative addition to the CUDOS ecosystem, is all set to publicize the sale of its first-ever collection of limited-edition NFTs, known as Genesis Collectibles, on June 22.

The innovative platform is an evolution of CUDO Compute and CUDO Miner, as it takes advantage of the company’s prowess to create a marketplace for tokenized real-world assets. The primary offerings include sustainable Bitcoin rewards. According to the CUDOS roadmap, holders of these collectibles will unlock Bitcoin rewards, opportunities to win additional hashrate through upcoming games, and future drops featuring tokenized renewable energy infrastructure.

In an industry often marred by sustainability concerns, CUDOS Markets is breaking new ground. Unlike conventional Bitcoin acquisition methods, all BTC rewards on this platform originate solely from 100% renewable energy sources. This trailblazing initiative marks the dawn of a new era in cryptocurrency acquisition, offering environmentally conscious individuals a chance to contribute positively to the digital asset space.

The Genesis collection features the artistic brilliance of the renowned artist Delux3, who previously served as a senior designer at Nike. His work, known for its "refined street art" style, combines deep tonal layers and unexpected color combinations. His abstract and visionary contributions to the new Hashrate Collection for CUDOS Markets are sure to captivate NFT collectors.

The Genesis Collection Public Sale will allow buyers to purchase at a fixed price of $330, offering a chance to win one of five tiers of hashrate NFTs. Top-tier returns could reach up to 170TH/s over a four-year period. Also, participants could mint one of three unique one-of-one collectibles hidden within the Genesis collection.

Emphasizing the uniqueness of CUDOS Markets, CEO Matt Hawkins states, “Our new product is not just another NFT marketplace. It’s a platform where people can make a positive impact by buying and selling sustainable NFT collectibles backed by our eco-friendly Bitcoin miners."

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this revolutionary Genesis collection of hashrate collectibles. Visit CUDOS Markets today to participate in the public sale and explore a new era of sustainable NFT trading.

CUDOS is leading the way in powering the Metaverse, melding DeFi, NFTs, and gaming experiences to bring about a decentralized Web3 vision. Cudo Ventures, its parent company, is a prominent provider of sustainable digital solutions, committed to making a positive difference in the online landscape.