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Cryptoys to Incorporate Kid-Friendly AI Chatbot Into NFTs for Safe Interaction

Cryptoys, the NFT company, is set to integrate a child-friendly AI chatbot, ChatGuardian, into its digital collectibles to ensure safe, interactive play.

Cryptoys Brings AI Chatbot ChatGuardian to Its NFT Platform.

OnChain Studios, the Web3 collective operating the NFT company Cryptoys, is integrating a child-friendly AI chatbot named ChatGuardian into its digital collectibles. The move aims to create a safer and more engaging interaction for children with their NFT characters.

ChatGuardian allows parents to control and filter the conversations between their children and their digital toys. Parents can log into Cryptoys’ Guardian Control Center to block specific keywords and topics, ensuring that the interaction remains safe and appropriate.

Cryptoys' CEO and co-founder, Will Weinraub, stated that this initiative aims to allow children to interact with their favorite characters from intellectual property franchises in a secure environment, enhancing their engagement and entertainment.

As the AI evolves, so will ChatGuardian, with safety standards remaining the top priority. Alfonso Martinez, Chief Experience Officer at Cryptoys, stated that while they appreciate AI's potential to animate favorite characters, ensuring the platform's safety is their primary goal.

Cryptoys plans to integrate ChatGuardian into their Zoo-F-O collection, a series of animal-themed digital collectibles, and roll it out to its current collectors. It will add additional kid-safe verifications in its second release. Following a $23 million funding round from firms including a16z, Dapper Labs, and Mattel, Cryptoys continues to innovate in its product and partnership space.