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Credit Suisse & Swiss Football Association Team Up for Women's Football-Focused Ethereum NFTs

Join Credit Suisse in an innovative venture, launching exclusive Ethereum NFTs in support of Swiss women’s football. Discover how this financial titan is reshaping charity through blockchain technology.

Credit Suisse Ethereum NFTs Womens Football Initiative

Get ready for a new game in town! Credit Suisse, in collaboration with the Swiss Football Association, is hitting the field with a fresh play – launching exclusive Ethereum-based NFTs to boost women's football. This bold manoeuvre marks an intriguing merger of finance, technology, and sports philanthropy.

This game-changing initiative will see the creation of a unique NFT collection, each tied to an artistic digital portrait of a player from the Swiss women's national football team. The line-up of 756 NFTs is enabled by Taurus, a Credit Suisse-backed digital asset start-up, crafting a vibrant marketplace for these digital collectables.

In a significant breakthrough for the Swiss digital assets market, Credit Suisse is leveraging blockchain technology to support and uplift women's football. Every dime raised from the NFT sales will directly bolster the Swiss Women's National Team and chosen youth initiatives that promote girls' football.

As part of the exciting collaboration, the Swiss Football Association is both the issuer and seller of the NFTs, with Credit Suisse, recently acquired by Swiss investment bank UBS, overseeing sales operations.

From July 11 through August 31, the exclusive NFTs will be up for grabs on Credit Suisse's CSX digital banking app, making them available only to Swiss residents who have a client relationship with the bank.

The NFTs are classified into three categories: Unique, Rare, and Limited. Each tier comes with its own exclusive benefits, from signed jerseys to the chance for a private meet-and-greet with the players. Interestingly, transactions will only be accepted in Swiss francs, not cryptocurrencies.

While initial buyers will not be able to resell or transfer their NFTs outside of the CSX app, Credit Suisse hints at enabling these features in the future.

This ground-breaking move by Credit Suisse seeks to not only directly support the Swiss women's national team but also foster the next generation of female football talent. Join us as we follow this exciting venture and witness the potential it has to redefine sports fundraising.