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Creators of AAA Shooter 'Shrapnel' Launch GameBridge: A Platform for Integrating Web3 Capabilities into Gaming.

NEON introduces GameBridge, a groundbreaking Web3 game developer platform, transforming game development and in-game content ownership.

GameBridge: NEON's Power-Packed Web3 Game Developer Platform

Dive into the future – NEON, the brains behind the awaited AAA FPS, Shrapnel, presents GameBridge. Built amidst the demands of high-stakes game development, GameBridge equips developers with the ultimate toolkit for integrating cutting-edge content creation, all while ensuring players gain absolute ownership of their in-game content.

Crafted for adaptability, GameBridge brings together wallets, content, commerce, and community. Its flexibility stands out, meshing effortlessly with varied chains, third-party solutions, and data sources. The highlight? Game developers can now turbocharge their development by 75% and slash costs by a whopping 90%.

By intertwining APIs and SDKs with renowned game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity, GameBridge enables developers to fuse superior tools into their games. This pioneering approach lets them amplify their creative visions, without overhauling established workflows.

Marc Mercuri, the Chief Blockchain Officer at Shrapnel, emphasizes, "GameBridge's essence is redefining gaming. It intertwines unmatched game development capabilities, from captivating NFT behaviors to cross-chain versatility, setting game developers on a path of endless possibilities."

  • Pioneers 18 innovative NFT behaviors.
  • Boosts immersive worlds with ownable assets, intensifying gameplay and player loyalty.
  • Offers seamless cross-chain asset transitions between games, enhancing the versatility of in-game items.
  • Curates a thriving ecosystem that nurtures unmatched creativity, from NFT awards to versatile market solutions.

Ed Chang from Ava Labs appreciates the leap NEON has made, "GameBridge empowers traditional game developers, heralding a new era in web3 gaming."

MoonPay's CEO, Ivan Soto-Wright, reflects this sentiment, lauding the seamlessness of integrating MoonPay with GameBridge, which paves the way for a frictionless gamer experience.

With GameBridge, NEON is not merely presenting a platform; it's shaping the next epoch in web3 game development.