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Citizen Conflict Introduces Free NFT Avatars to Engage Players

Citizen Conflict, a competitive hero shooter by QORPO Game Studio, offers free NFT avatars to its players, promoting true ownership of in-game assets.

QORPO's Citizen Conflict Empowers Players with Free NFTs

QORPO Game Studio's competitive hero shooter, Citizen Conflict, is creating waves in the gaming world by offering true ownership of in-game assets to its players. In an effort to popularize NFTs among the general public, the game developers are introducing a collection of free NFT avatars titled 'Become the Citizen', available on Magic Eden from August 8.

Citizen Conflict has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity among Web3 gaming enthusiasts, thanks to its high-quality, competitive gameplay. This was evident in a recent esports tournament, which offered a $10,000 prize pool and gathered positive feedback from its players. Following the success of the second Alpha release, the team is moving towards Alpha 3.0 and aims to attract traditional gamers with a striking NFT collection of the Citizen Conflict hero avatars.

Set in the dystopian world of Ether Islands, Citizen Conflict features distinct heroes leading syndicates. Recognizing the potential in this unique hero-play, QORPO Game Studio has partnered with Magic Eden to transform six in-game characters into highly rare profile-picture NFTs. Each hero has unique abilities and backstory, and resonates with different players. The 'Become the Citizen' Magic Eden collection aims to unite the growing game's fan base on social media and express support for the community’s favorite heroes.

This NFT collection will be available on Magic Eden from August 8. The limited supply includes 2,500 pieces of incredibly high rarity, with each of the six in-game heroes available in a variety of unique variants, ensuring each NFT is unique.

In collaboration with Magic Eden, QORPO Game Studio is offering players the chance to become 'citizens' of Citizen Conflict. This limited collection of 2,500 NFT pieces is available for a minting fee. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these digital assets offer a range of benefits for holders, including access to every Citizen Conflict Alpha release and eligibility for valuable prizes in upcoming esports tournaments. Each NFT in the 'Become the Citizen' Magic Eden collection is unique and enhances players' presence on social media. Owners of these NFTs also stand a chance to become early holders of QORPO tokens through a generous airdrop.

By offering this unique opportunity, QORPO Game Studio invites players to support Citizen Conflict early and benefit from its rapidly evolving ecosystem of games, NFTs, and esports on the blockchain. Don't miss the chance to get your iconic Citizen Conflict hero on Magic Eden for free from August 8, after covering the Polygon minting fee.