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Call of Duty to Implement Chainlink-Powered NFTs for Enhanced Digital Ownership in Gaming

Call of Duty plans to integrate Chainlink-powered NFTs to revolutionize digital ownership in gaming, following the announcement of Warzone Caldera's shutdown.

Following the announcement of the Warzone Caldera shutdown, Call of Duty revealed its intention to embrace Chainlink-powered NFTs to revolutionize digital ownership within the gaming industry. On September 21, 2023, players' progression, inventories, and online services for Warzone Caldera will cease, enabling the game's focus to shift towards future Call of Duty content.

Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network, responded to the announcement by highlighting the benefits of NFTs in the gaming sector. Chainlink emphasizes that NFTs offer a solution to the unclear ownership dynamics between game publishers and players who buy in-game assets. Despite games shutting down, NFTs can serve as remnants of players' digital history, providing a sense of permanence.

Chainlink further clarifies that NFTs don't merely offer a solution to games shutting down. Instead, they offer a constant reminder that e-games can never be truly deleted, revolutionizing more than just ownership within the gaming industry.

According to a blog post by Chainlink, NFTs allow players to have sovereign ownership of digital assets, similar to their physical counterparts. This level of ownership could potentially create a new level of player immersion and engagement, invoking the human tendency to collect physical items such as rare coins, stamps, and cards. Furthermore, interoperability and monetization are other key benefits of NFTs in gaming, enabling players to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs in open blockchain marketplaces. Examples of such NFT games include Gods Unchained, Dookey Dash, and Loot.