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Azuki Expands Universe with New 20K Ethereum NFT Collection, Elementals

Chiru Labs, the company behind the popular Ethereum NFT collection Azuki, is launching 20,000 new NFTs under the Azuki Elementals collection. The sale will take place via a Dutch auction with a starting price of 2 ETH per NFT.

Chiru Labs, the Web3 startup behind the popular Ethereum NFT collection Azuki, is set to expand the project with the release of 20,000 new NFTs. The new collection, named Azuki Elementals, will enhance the universe of the original anime-themed project with additional profile pictures (PFPs).

Owners of the existing 10,000 Azuki NFTs have already been airdropped a token for one of the Elementals, reserving half of the supply for the public sale. The remaining Elementals will be sold via a Dutch auction, starting at a price of 2 ETH per NFT, with the price decreasing every five minutes until all the NFTs are sold.

Current Azuki NFT owners will have a brief 10-minute window before the auction starts to buy additional Elementals in a presale. Owners of Beanz NFTs, a collection spun off from Azuki, will have a similar opportunity to acquire Elementals NFTs just before the public sale.

The Elementals collection, hinted to contain a mythic landscape sorted into four distinct kingdoms defined by classical elements: fire, water, earth, and lightning, is set to intrigue NFT enthusiasts. The 20,000 Elemental NFTs, composed of randomized attributes of varying rarity, will feature four tiers of Elementals distributed during the presale and public sale. All tiers have the potential to reveal "grail" NFTs, those with the rarest traits and consequently high value on the secondary market.

This new collection is the first full follow-up to Azuki, a hit NFT project that achieved significant trading volume in 2022. So far, Azuki has amassed over $1 billion in trading, according to CryptoSlam analytics, with Beanz NFTs accounting for another $273 million worth of secondary sales.